Watson Online satisfies your need for speed and more!

With Watson Online's high-speed Internet access at your fingertips you can:
  • Download at speeds up to 15 times faster than a 28.8 kbps modem.
  • Use lightning fast e-mail.
  • Experience full-motion video, CD quality audio and interactive gaming.
  • Download graphic-intense web sites in a snap.
  • Save time by doing more in less time on the Internet.
  • Prompt and friendly customer service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Count on system monitoring 24-hours a day, 7 days a week to provide a reliable connection all the time.


Basic Cable (City)
Basic Cable (County) $44.12
Basic Cable (RAFB)    $42.02
Life-line Basic (channels 2-15) $14.28
HBO                                                                      $12.95
CineMax                                                               $12.95
Showtime                                                              $12.95
The Movie Channel                                             $12.95
Encore                                                                   $3.95
If you get 2 or more Premium Channels the cost is $12.00 each.
Basic Converter w/remote                                  
Basic Converter w/o remote                                $1.25
Standard Cable Installation                               
Install Fee for Dorms $25.00
Transfer Fee $25.00
Transfer Fee for Dorms $15.00
Burial Fee $39.95
Activate Additional Outlet (existing outlet) $10.00
Installation of Additional Outlet (at time of Initial Cable installation)
Install New Outlet (separate trip) $29.95
Internet Installation
Internet Installation
(with Ethernet card installation)
Internet Service (1Mbps/256Kbps)
(for Cable TV subscribers)
Internet Service (1Mbps/256Kbps)
(without Cable)       
Lite Internet Service (256Kbps/256Kbps)
(for Cable TV subscribers)
Lite Internet Service (256Kbps/256Kbps)
(without Cable)       
Modem Rental $10.65
Modem Purchase $79.95
Modem Purchase(Used modem; availability limited) $39.95
The total Internet cost is added to your cable bill.
*Additional cable outlet installation charges may apply.


Your monthly Service Includes:

  • Unlimited Access
  • Private E-mail addresses
  • 5MB personal web storage
  • 24x7 toll free technical support
  • Reliable Service
Please contact us for a special offer and additional information on our high speed Internet Access Products & Services. Call to schedule an appointment. We can usually schedule installations within 2 days of placing your order.

Watson Online is available only to Watson Cable TV customers. All services are subject to various restrictions and minimum hardware requirements.